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Vrsar (itl. Orsera) is located on the west coast of Istria, 10 km south of Porec.  This small fishing town is a true jewel. Set on the small, 54 m high hill and surrounded by islets, it offers beautiful views and stunning sunsets. Vrsar has a beautiful marina and atmospheric old town. Its timeless charms include seafront promenade, winding streets, old stone houses, and many viewpoints.

Vrsar has a variety of accommodation to choose from. Koversada, the first naturist resort in Croatia was open in Vrsar in 1967. Vrsar has also always been popular camping destination. Besides, Vrsar is the only town in Istria that has a resort type properties within a walking distance from the old town. Below you'll find an overview of the most popular accommodation in Vrsar.

  • Apartments Riva are a 3-star property perfectly located at the Vrsar waterfront.
  • Resort Belvedere, a 4-star family resort, is located just a short stroll from Vrsar old town.
  • Petalon Resort, a 4-star active family resort, is located close to Vrsar downtown.
  • Camping Porto Sole is one of the rare, if not the only, campsites in Istria open all year around.
  • Hotel Pineta is 3-star hotel with great sea views.
  • Hotel Vista is a 3-star hotel located in the old town.
  • Naturist resort & campsite Koversada is the first Croatian naturist establishment.

Casanova Beach Bar is a very popular beach bar offering day long entertainment. Located right at the beach front, Casanova beach bar is Vrsar's favorite spot. During the summer months there are many parties and concerts.

Cafe Bar Orsera is Frank's favorite bar for a coffee during a day, or aperitif at the evening. Located at Vrsar seafront, it is a place to watch the world go by. Bar has a buzzing terrace, and beautiful interior with vaulted ceiling and stone columns.

Cocktail Bar Buba is located at the seafront. You will spot the bar easily by half a VW beetle suspended over the entrance. The other half, you'll find inside. It is an atmospheric bar, buzzing with locals and tourists. On weekends, during the summer, there are parties with DJ.

Montraker festival is one of few rock festivals in Istria. It takes place in mid-July, for 3 days, from Thursday to Saturday.

International Montraker Sculpture School takes place every summer, the last week of September, since 1991. International artists gather at the abandoned quarry. All the sculptures from previous workshops are permanently exhibited throughout the town (beaches, waterfront, parks).

Casanova Festival is the festival of love and eroticism. The festival celebrates the historic connection between the famous seducer Casanova and Vrsar. To Frank, although the idea itself is interesting, the festival was somehow disappointing not to say boring.

Dzamonja Sculpture Park is located just off campsite Orsera, direction Porec. It is a beautiful sculpture park spreading on over 10 hectares. It is open to visitors. All sculptures displayed are made by Dusan Dzamonja, the renowned artist whose works were exhibited in the Museum of Modern Art in New York, in the Tate Gallery in London, as well as in the museums of modern art in Paris, Antwerp and other cities in the world.

Enjoy many of the town's viewpoints. Old town is perched on the hill overlooking the sea and beautiful archipelago. A short, sharp walk up the hill and you will get eye-popping views of Vrsar archipelago. Town has three arranged viewpoints with coin operated binoculars.

Cycling is a great activity you can enjoy in Vrsar. Vrsar and Porec are connected by cycling trail (not asphalted). It takes you mostly by the sea. Or you can cycle the other way toward Lim Bay. There are also many inland cycling paths, passing through vineyards and olive grows. Highly recommended.